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Supporting Event - IStructE HK Webinar on Climate action in structural engineering

Date, time & venue

2022-09-28;14:00 - 1&:00;Online

Registration Website: Climate action in structural engineering - The Institution of Structural Engineers (istructe.org)


This half-day webinar will address the topic of climate crisis and feature prominent structural engineers from Hong Kong and around the world speaking about the action that structural engineers must take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

From the work of climate scientists it is clear that, without a complete re-imagining of the way humankind designs and constructs their world, life on earth by the end of this century will be extremely uncomfortable – affecting the lives of children and grandchildren.

Structural engineers have each the opportunity to save thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere every year. How can they take the first steps towards changing the industry and enabling these savings to be realised?


Webinar Highlights:

Presentations will touch upon the following topics:                                                 

·         the international approach to reducing carbon in structures

·         efforts towards net-zero carbon development and climate resilient infrastructure

·         climate change resilience and sustainability in bridge design

·         reducing carbon and waste in the buildings industry


Reasons to attend:

·         Hear from industry leaders from Hong Kong and the UK

·         Learn about the impact you can have on carbon emissions as a structural engineer

·         Discuss ways in which you can reduce carbon on your next project



·         IStructE Members and Students: free

·         Non-members: £20 + VAT


Supporting organisations:

This event is being supported by the following organisations:

·         The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

·         ​Institution of Civil Engineers - Hong Kong Region 

·         Hong Kong Institution of Highways and Transportation 

·         Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - Civil Division 

·         Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - Safety Specialist Committee 


Event programme: 

·         Mr Will Arnold – Embodied carbon and structures

·         Mr Ricky Wong – Moving towards net-zero carbon development and climate-resilient infrastructure for tomorrow

·         Dr Robin Sham – Resilient, tolerant and sustainable bridge engineering against climate change

·         Mr Thomas Tong – Structuring the new normal and being future-ready to approach net-zero targets  

·         Speakers


Joseph Chi - Event chair

Mr Joseph Chi is a Fellow Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers, he is currently Chairman of the Regional Group of IStructE.


Ricky Wong Chi-Pan - Head of Civil Engineering Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR Government

Mr. Wong is a civil engineer by profession. He has over 30 years’ design and practical experience in various engineering aspects, including project management, feasibility study, design and construction supervision of urban development, site formation, environmental protection, drainage, sewerage, roads, and historic buildings revitalization. As Chief Engineer in Port Works, he looked after the construction and maintenance of port facilities and carried out technical studies of several reclamation projects. He was also involved in research and development to enhance the standards of marine structures design and maintenance and their resilience under the effects of climate change. Mr. Wong was the Deputy Head of the Civil Engineering Office (Port and Land) of Civil Engineering and Development Department in June 2018 before moving to his current position.


Robin Sham - Global Long Span and Specialty Bridges Director, AECOM

With a career that spans over three decades and several continents, Robin has worked on many of the world’s record-breaking cable-stayed and suspension bridge projects. For his notable contributions to the civil engineering profession, he has been appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, recognized by the UK’s Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) as an engineering superhero and Gold Medallist, and named by the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania as one of the greatest bridge engineers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Robin Worked on the Kap Shui Mun Bridge, arguably the most difficult rail-road cable-stayed bridge ever built. He also pioneered the creation of third generation suspension bridges to attain aerodynamic stability in typhoon winds at speeds in the realm of 100m/s (Tsing Lung Bridge); he spearheaded the sciences of construction engineering with the first attempt in history to construct cable-stayed bridges with main spans exceeding 1km (Sutong and Stonecutters Bridges) at a time when such a human endeavor was technologically uncharted; and he created seismic-resilient and scour-tolerant designs for disaster prevention and economic expansion (Second Penang and Padma Bridges).


Thomas Tong - Assistant Director, Industry Development, Construction Industry Council

In his current role, Thomas makes good use of his technical expertise on the modular construction to promote construction modernisation through technologies, facilitating industrialisation and digitalisation of the construction industry. His team collects the challenges faced by the industry, and scouts practical construction innovations and readily available technologies worldwide to resolve them. His team also has established a webinar platform to facilitate cross-industries and cross-borders knowledge, through sharing how these technologies improve productivity, sustainability, construction safety and quality in specific projects. To engage industry practitioners, his team also has established iHub, a physical and digital exhibition centre that provides guided tours for professionals and general public to arouse their interests in the modern construction industry. Mr Tong also cooperates with the Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) and School of Professional Development in Construction (SPDC) to provide professional training and to update our construction professionals on the implementation of modular integrated construction through the lesson learnt from completed MiC projects.

Will stands with folded arms against a wooden wall.

Will Arnold - Head of Climate Action, Institution of Structural Engineers

Will leads the IStructE’s response to the climate emergency, bringing sustainability action into all aspects of its work. He is responsible for driving change within the profession, setting the minimum sustainability standards for institution members, producing sustainability publications and training to support this, and collaborating across the wider industry as it moves towards zero emissions. Previous to his work with the Institution, Will was a practising structural engineer at Arup for 10 years, where he was responsible for key aspects of ambitious architectural projects across the world. Will is chair of the Construction Industry Council’s 2050 Group, and an active member of The Edge thinktank, the UK Built Environment Advisory Group, and the Engineering Advisory Group for The Structural Engineer magazine. He also sits on the judging panel for The Structural Awards. In 2021, Will was presented with the President’s Award by the Institution, in recognition of his work instigating change in the field of structural sustainability.



Email - events@istructe.org






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