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Webinar: Ergonomics and Work Design

Date, time & venue

2022-01-06;06:30 pm - 07:30 pm;Webinar via Zoom


 IDA - SSC Webinar - “Ergonomics and Work Design”

The “Ergonomics and Work Design” webinar was organized by the Safety Specialist Committee (SSC) at the HKIE Headquarter on 6 January 2022. The webinar was very successful with 205 registrants and the turned out was about 196 members joining the webinar.

Dr. Alex Tse Chun Kuen is currently an Honorary Advisor of IOSH Hong Kong Branch and Honorary Secretary of Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Association. He has more than 28 years of solid experience in occupational health, safety, environment, training and education. His title of doctoral thesis was “The Study of Safety Culture, Safety Climate and Safety Performance of Arboriculture Industry in Hong Kong”.

In view of the recent spread of COVID-19 since 2021 and its variants in Hong Kong and the tightering of social distancing measuring by the Government, more and more industrial has stepped up their own prevention. “Work From Home (WFH)” has become the most popular way to keep the productivity and minimize face to face contact. This abrupt shift in the nature of work systems, many staff are now working remotely from home. To improve our health and safety as well as work efficiency, Dr. Tse has provided information and skills of ergonomics that associate with work design during this seminar.

Ergonomics applies information about human behavior, abilities and limitations and other characteristics to the design of tools, machines, tasks, jobs and environments for productive, safe, comfortable and effective human use. In this webinar, Dr. Tse introduced us about the route of an ergonomics design from the goal, design consideration, usual design components, legislations and anthropometry.

Follows with sharing good examples of ergonomics workplaces and hand tools, our audience has a clear picture to know how a ergonomics design can reduce the happing of occupational diseases. Finally, the webinar brough us a clarification about some general fallacies about ergonomics.

On behalf of the SSC, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr Alex Tse for their valuable contribution and sharing of experience in ergonomics studies for the HKIE members. Dr. Tse not only gave a very informative presentation to our audience with many practical examples but also clarified the general fallacies from public, so our audiences can make it easier to promote ergonomics and thus occupational health to employers.



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