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New Era of VR Technology: Application on Disaster Preparedness and Response Training in the field of Railway Industry

Date, time & venue

2021-10-28;6:30 - 7:30pm;Webinar via Zoom



Webinar on Application of VR technology on Disaster Preparedness and Response Training

The seminar was organized by the Safety Specialist Committee (SSC) taken place at HKIE Headquarter on 28th October 2021 with more than 140 members participated online.

Speaker Mr. Tim Yuen and his team are experienced in the use of VR technology on safety awareness training. They have solid experience and have assisted different parties such as Civil Engineering and Development Department, Hong Kong Fire Service Department, Ambulance Service, Hospital Authority and so on, in various training with the use of VR technology.


Ensuring occupational safety becomes a growing priority in the industry today. When disaster or multi-casualty incident (MCI) happens, the personnel should equip with the situational awareness to encounter the emergency. The basic 4-C principle is important in the emergency response. To allow personnel prepare for emergencies well, actions are more powerful than words. The implementation of drills and exercises safeguards the contingencies properly managed, ensures emergency responders familiar with the plan and procedures as well as seeks for improvement. Though there are already various existing trainings in the workplace and organization, challenges are addressed in these few years. The existing trainings cannot guarantee to offer effective training to every staff in a regular basis. The existing format shows limitation on visualizing different situations and multiple cases to staffs.

In this case, virtual reality (VR) technology introduces a whole new dimension to risk management by allowing company to validate decisions in an immersive 3D virtual world before implementing them. In the webinar, a Virtual Reality (VR) platform was introduced, and different aspects of training objectives have been illustrated, which including some crucial cognitive skills in the Emergency Response Training. Several examples of application have been shared, like the use of VR headset to undergo environment assessment, the use of simulated scenario in command and communication training. The use of VR technology on training skills may start becoming common in some companies but it might be new in situational awareness and cognitive training. Tim's team shared the experience in Coventry University in the United Kingdom, showing how they integrate the VR platform in their training for Disaster Management and Emergency Planning and Construction Management programmes.

On behalf of the SSC, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Tim Yuen and his team for leading this fruitful webinar and providing some new insights to the industry.





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