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Webinar: Review of 3 Accident Cases in Lift Installation & Control Measures for Preventing Similar Occurrences

Date, time & venue

2021-11-17;06:30 pm - 08:00 pm;Webinar via Zoom



IDA - SSC Webinar - Review 3 Incident Cases in Lift Installation & Control Measures for Preventing Similar Occurrences

The webinar was organized by the Safety Specialist Committee (SSC) at the HKIE Headquarter on 17 November 2021.  The webinar was very successful with 1190 registrants for a limit of 500 and the turned out was about 450 members joining the webinar.  

Speakers Ir KL Lee and Ir SW Yip shared three overseas lift incidents with the audience.  Namely three cases were “Worker Falling into Lift Shaft”, “Worker Crushed by Falling Car Cage” and “Worker Crushed at Lift Pit between Car Cage and Pit Ladder”, from which fatal result was caused. 

In order to prevent lift accidents, two speakers suggested to 4M1E, i.e. Man (Training, instructions, awards, punishment, promotion, discipline, supervision), Machine (Construction of machine & tools, development & adoption of specific tools, etc.), Material (Design, production & assembling locations of materials), Method (Development, improving, adoption of safe working methods and/or procedures) and Environment (Working environment, temperature, ventilation, lighting, noise, facilities, equipment & procedures, 5S, dangerous area markings, ergonomics, etc.).   

In view that two lift cases were involved with the use of bamboo / steel scaffolding inside the lift shaft for installation / modernisation work.  Scaffoldless method is therefore recommended for workers working inside lift shaft.  Scaffoldless method could be of guided-safe-working-platform (SWP, commonly known as false car), platform lift, completed car, etc..   Actually the guided-SWP has already been acceptable by Labor Department / EMSD of HKSAR and is popularly used in the lift industry while the robotic method (nobody working in lift shaft) is under development in the lift industry.

On behalf of the SSC, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ir KL Lee and Ir S W Yip for their valuable contribution and sharing of experience in safety management for the HKIE members.  Ir Lee and Ir Yip not only gave a very attractive presentation to the audience with many animations but also shared some insights to enhance the lift safety in the industry.




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