Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
   11/05/2024 Webinar 2024 ISHP CPD Seminar
   27/04/2024 Technical Visit Technical Visit﹕Smart Site Safety & Project Management System in Shenzhen
   24/02/2024 Technical Visit Safety Visit at Jat Min Chuen MiC Site
   24/01/2024 Webinar Webinar: “Design for Safety and Quality in Permanent & Temporary Anchorage Connection”
   15/12/2023 Webinar Seminar: “Analyzing Flight Recorder Data: Unveiling Human Factors in Air Accident Investigation”
   21/10/2023 Technical Visit Safety Site Visit to HILTI Customer Experience Centre
   16/09/2023 Technical Visit Technical Site Visit at Kai Tak Sports Park
   04/09/2023 Conference [Supporting Event] Safety Conference 2023 - Smart Site Safety System - organized by HKSTP, EMSD & OSHC & supported by DevB, LWB, LD, CIC & HKIE-SSC
   28/08/2023 Webinar Webinar on Dynamic Health and Safety
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