Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
   21/05/2018 General Construction Safety Week
   12/05/2018 Seminar Enhancing Construction Safety and Health in Hong Kong: Learning from Recent Accidents, Collapses and Court Cases
   26/04/2018 Seminar Enhancing Design for Safety through Collaboration and Communication
   13/04/2018 Conference 2018 Safety Conference for Continuing Professional Development
   27/03/2018 Seminar Risk Management and Safety Seminar on “Functional Safety in the Process Industry from Instrument Point of View”
   19/03/2018 Course PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE in Design for Safety (CDM Concept & Incident Prevention)
   08/03/2018 Seminar A comparison of two incident investigation methodologies and their graphical representation of the findings
   19/01/2018 Visit Technical Visit – Visit to中国移动南方基地
   18/01/2018 Course Professional Certificate in Safety Engineering and Buildability for Infrastructure Projects
   15/12/2017 Seminar Seminar on Lessons Learnt from Incidents within an Operating Railway
   13/12/2017 Visit Technical Visit – NTT Financial Data Center at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
   07/12/2017 Course Professional Certificate in Safety Management (Legal Perspectives and Cases Update)
   05/12/2017 Seminar Technical Seminar on New Development of Refrigerant & Refrigeration Safety Management
   29/11/2017 Course Professional Certificate in Understanding the Test, Erection & Safety Engineering Practice on Lifting Appliances & Lifting Gear
   06/11/2017 Course Professional Certificate in Safety Engineering & Management in Lift Installation, Maintenance & Repairs
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