The Safety Specialist Group (SSG) of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers was established in October 1995 to serve all members of the Institution, and was charged with the following mission:


"To promote the safety awareness of engineers; and uphold and improve safety standards in engineering practice through the promotion, development and dissemination of information and knowledge ".


The SSG was re-titled to Safety Specialist Committee (SSC) in June 2004. The Executive Committee of the SSC comprises members from various divisions in different engineering disciplines.



The organization of the Executive Committee of the SSC comprises :

1. Chairman

2. Immediate Past Chairman

3. Deputy Chairman

4. Hon. Treasurer

5. Hon. Secretary

6. Ordinary members (six to fifteen no.).

7. Ex Officio members including representatives from the HKIE Secretariat, Associate Members Committee, Young Members Committee and external bodies (such as Labour Department, Occupational Safety & Health Council, Construction Industry Training Authority).

8. Honorary Advisor


Terms of Reference

The Safety Specialist Committee shall be responsible to the Learned Society Board for enhancing the HKIE's learned society activities in safety and health by:

1.    promoting safety and health information & knowledge transfer;

2.    promoting safety and health education & training;

3.    promoting safety and health in engineering design practices; and

4.    offering advisory services through Community Service Committee on safety and health matters.