Safety Specialist Committee

Chairman’s message

By Ir Dr. CHI, Wuh Jian, Joseph

I am very honored and delighted to be elected as Chairman for Session 2022/2023 of the Safety Specialist Committee. On behalf of the Committee (SSC), I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all members.

Safety Engineering has been one of the most widely discussed topics in Hong Kong.  The recent review by the HKSAR Government and other related Bodies on Construction Safety and Safety by Design is timely and expected to be issues for public interests in coming years. SSC shall work closely with all stakeholders of the construction industry so as uplift the safety standard of the industry. In particular, SSC shall work with and provide strong support to all safety related initiatives headed by Construction Industry Council (CIC), including Master course on Safety by Design and the use of technology in construction industry. SSC shall also provide continual support to Occupational Safety and Health Council (OSHC) on the annual Grand Safety Award in occupational safety and health.

SSC, under the excellent leadership of the Past Chairmen, has already laid a sound foundation and taken a lead to address the safety related issues of interest to general public, notably by organizing technical meetings etc. SSC shall in this Session organize more talks and conference on the subject and other safety engineering related subject.

SSC is mindful of the need to absorb more competent and experienced safety engineers and safety practitioners as members, and to identify young hopefuls, inspire them to pursue safety engineering as their career and ultimately become a member of the HKIE. With this in mind, SSC will continue to organize a series of relevant and value-added technical talks, seminars and visits to meet the needs and expectation of members. SSC shall also continue to organize Best Final Year Project Award so as to promote safety engineering in Universities.

Finally, I must say that SSC is very fortunate to have in place a team of highly dedicated, energetic and resourceful Committee members. This together with your continued guidance, positive advice, encouragement, and active support, I am confident that we can have another fruitful year so that our Committee can grow from strength to strength.